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"I am so pleased to follow my longtime stylist, Anna, to the Shear Shop! She has always done an amazing job with my hair, and I recommended her highly. I just had my first experience with her new location at the Shear Shop an look forward to many more"

Lana Kearns       Akron

"My first visit to the Shear Shop, but had to follow my over 15 year Stylist Anna to her new location!! Although she has been with a corporate company, I have followed her from close to home in Cuyahoga Falls, to Hartville, and now to the Shear Shop! The Shear Shop has found a Gem! I know she will be a terrific addition!"

Donna Reed      Cuyahoga Falls

"I drive over 2 hours after I moved to get my hair done by Koral. The drive is totally worth it knowing I am going to get a quality cut from her. I have tried may overpriced salons in the Columbus area and nothing is as good as a cut from Koral at the Shear Shop. Everyone at the Shear Shop is so friendly! I have been coming here for over 30 years since I was little!"

Robin Fee       Pickerington, Ohio

"I love the Family feel of the Shear Shop. I started with Koral's Mom, Peggy, then to Koral many years ago. I have watched the Shear Shop grow and change into something very wonderful. Koral has done a phenomenal job Updating and Transforming the Shop to keep up with newer trends and her growing business"

Melissa Russell           Uniontown

 "I love the Shear Shop! Melanie does a great job with my hair. She is honest and gives me great advice on what to do with my hair. When I first came to her in 2008, my hair was very damaged from my last "stylist". She worked with me and got my hair healthy again!

Karen Bors       Uniontown, Ohio

"I have been coming here since I was a little girl. The Shear Shop is a wonderful place! I do not trust anyone with my hair but Koral. In the past few months, I have been coming here for my nails done by Katie. She is a great girl and am pleased every time I see her. This Shop, I think, is filled with a great group of girls! And I enjoy my time when I am here!"

Lisa Walls     Uniontown, Ohio

"I have been a client of the Shear Shop since 2004 and just love going there. The service is excellent! From hair styling, color, manicures, and pedicures, I would never consider going anywhere else. KUDO's to Koral and her Team"

Karen Loy     Hartville

"Melanie is an excellent stylist who I implicitly trust to give me service and knowledge about how to style my hair. I have baby fine hair that is difficult to manage and style. Melanie always gives me a cut, color, and style that elicits compliments wherever I go. What more could any woman want in a stylist!!"

Deidra Perrin         Uniontown

"The Shear Shop is the BEST salon! I tried several when I first moved to Lake Township until I found them. They are all very friendly, their prices are great, and most importantly, I am always happy with my hair after Koral does it. I have been coming here since 2003. I have a very busy schedule, and Lauren is always able to "work her magic" to get me in !!"

Kim Miller         Uniontown

"I have been coming to see Melanie and the Shear Shop for over 8 years. I WAS A WALK IN! Melanie was my stylist and she was Great! She always takes such good care of me. When I leave, I feel Beautiful! Thank You ... I will never go anywhere else!"

Liz Carr          Uniontown

"My hair is my personality and I am very picky! I have searched for a good stylist and was referred to Koral in 2002. She has been my heaven as she totally understands what my hair means to me. I have nothing but great things to say about her and all of her employees. Everyone is so nice and very attentive. I have given the Shear Shop many referrals and highly recommend all coming to the Shear Shop. You will not be disappointed at ALL!"

Carolyn Bauer       Uniontown

"Melanie has been styling my hair since I was old enough to realize that the mullet cut my Mom was giving me just was not working anymore :) I was about 8 years old. Melanie knows me so well. I do not even have to know how I want my hair to work. I can tell her the length I want, and I walk out with a Masterpiece Every Time!"

Morell Mendiola           Canton

"I have been coming to the Shear Shop for 20 years. I Love Koral and Mich​elle. Thanks to these ladies, I always receive compliments on my hair. They do fantastic work!! Also, Lauren, their receptionist, is amazing! Such a joy to see when I walk in."

Debbie Gannon           Hartville

"The best Salon in Ohio! My family has been going to the Shear Shop for over 25 Years and enjoy every appointment. The ladies are more than Stylists and Nail Techs ..they are Friends. We are soon to be moving, but will make the trip to the Shear Shop !!"

Patty Wartko       Uniontown

"The Shear Shop has a Great atmosphere to come to ... to relax and enjoy being pampered. Two of my daughters also come to the Shear Shop. Everyone here is always very friendly and welcoming. Come and see for yourself the professionals that do not only treat you like family, but also make your day!! Thanks Melanie and everyone at the Shop!"

Jane Nagel         Uniontown

"Everyone at the Shear Shop is very friendly! The newest equipment and products. Chicky has been my stylist for over 40 years! I travel over 40 Miles every Tuesday to be at the Shear Shop with Chicky"

Elizabeth Evans         Fairlawn

"I started coming to the Shear Shop after moving to Uniontown 10 years ago. I love that Koral always knows the right way to color, cut, and style my hair. Koral always shows interest in my family and she and Brittany have done my daughter's hair for all of her dances and special occasions. I just love the Shear Shop. Jessi at the desk is always so friendly, helpful, and happy to help"

Beth Rozumny           Uniontown

"I have followed Melanie from shop to shop and I think she has found a great home at the Shear Shop. The entire staff is more like Family than co-workers. The Shop is clean and has a comfortable décor. The entire staff is friendly and the Shear Shop is very giving to the Community"

Wilma Wahl             Hartville

"I switched to the Shear Shop and Melanie after seeing friends hair that I loved! Everyone is so friendly and the Shop has a great location. Great prices for Great cuts and colors! I highly recommend!"

Nancy Hemlick         Uniontown

"The Shear Shop is the BEST! I was ready for a change and Melanie has done such a great job changing my color. My hair has never been so healthy and shiny"

Dana Povich      Uniontown

"Koral has been my stylist for over 6 years. She does an excellent job on my Cuts, and Especially my Colors. As a result, I constantly get compliments on my hair. All of the staff are so nice and cheerful. Thank You to all of the ladies at the Shear Shop"

Sue Tarr             Green

"Tan, Cut, and Color at the Shear Shop!! Love the ladies and the job they do is Outstanding! I AM a LIFER!!"

Sarah Secreto           Uniontown

"This a great place to relax and pamper yourself. My stylist Melanie is the Best! Really Fashion forward but comfortable style"

Cathy Sherwood       Uniontown

"We have been coming to the Shear Shop since 2002 years and everyone is so friendly. They are very willing to work around my kid's lousy sports schedules!! I am very pleased with all the services they provide. I would refer anyone to the Shear Shop!'

Michelle Shaffer      Alliance

"The Shear Shop is a Lively Place for all ages!! I have followed Melanie for over 20 years and glad she is at the Shear Shop. She is a true friend. All of the staff are wonderful. Get to Know Them!"

Brenda Trent        Uniontown

"The Shear Shop is a little hidden treasure in Uniontown! The staff is ready to accommodate you and everyone has a smile to brighten your day!!

Carrie Spangler      Uniontown

"I love the Service! Better than any other Salon in the area. Truly superb talent and friendly environment. So happy I came to the Shear Shop "

Dominic Grossi       Uniontown

"You do not have to go to an upscale Big City shop to get an A+ grade hair style. Right here in the heart of Uniontown are competent and very professional stylists. I have been coming to Melanie for many years and after trying other higher end salons, have never been disappointed. Excellent!!"

Barry Kaschner          Akron

"I have been following my stylist Melanie to her current home at the Shear Shop. She has kept me looking great. To this day, I get compliments on my hair. Thank you Melanie! Also, everyone at the Shear Shop are friendly and Fun to talk to. I look forward to my appointments"

Carolyn Riedinger         Hartville

"I love the Shear Shop! Kudos to Koral for running a great business. I cannot imagine going any where else!"

Tricia         Uniontown

"I would highly recommend the Shear Shop! The staff is Professional, friendly, and Willing to accommodate the Customer! It is a pleasure to spend time with them and with my stylist, Koral. She is an excellent at what she does and very concerned with meeting my requests. Call and Make an Appointment Today !"

Cheryl Bird

"I love all the girls here. They make you feel very comfortable. I always get what I ask for. They are not the type to give you what they want! They always go above and beyond for me to accommodate my busy life. When I do want a different look, I can always put my trust in Koral to fix me up. She knows me and my personality and she just works her magic!"

Karly Bukovey     Hartville

"I have been coming here since 2002 and I have never had a bad experience!! I refer many people to the Shear Shop. Michelle is my stylist and will bend over backwards to make me happy. The entire staff is amazing and talented! I recently moved further away to Atwater but never considered going anywhere else. Jessi at the front desk is extremely courteous and professional and will do anything to work with clients schedules and make them happy"

Mari Knapp            Atwater

"Discover for Yourself why people go to the Shear Shop! Great atmosphere, the best products, and above ALL, the best staff!! I have been coming to the Shop to see Koral since 1999"

Terri Haddox      Uniontown

"Melanie has been my stylist for many years. I would not have anyone else give me a perm. She is warm and friendly and always has a smile. Thanks Mel for all of the years of great service:'

Carol            Hartville

"I like coming to the Shear Shop! I get a cup of coffee every visit and of course, I get a great haircut about every 5 weeks. Everyone at the Shear Shop is so nice to me, even though I am waiting for Mom most of the time. I feel so pampered when Chicky takes care of me!"

James Branley        Hartville

"Jamie is an exceptional stylist and loves what she does. Anyone who has their hair done by her will be most certainly satisfied! The Shear Shop is a great place filled with ladies who love their jobs and it shows. They are always smiling!"

Amanda Slack      Uniontown

"Melanie at the Shear Shop has been doing my hair for the past 14 years. That right there tells you a lot about the quality of her work and her ability in style changes! I lovethe Shear Shop ... Everyone seems to care and to be very professional"

Nancy Phillips       Uniontown

"A great Salon! I have been coming to see Koral every week for over 5 years. I drive over 30 minutes from Barberton to come and relax and get "prettied up". I love the atmosphere at the Shear Shop"

Gerry Ostich         Barberton

"Being a busy woman, I cannot make an appointment ahead of time. I call the Shear Shop and they get me in within a matter of days. Having wavy hair, Koral always makes my hair look FANTASTIC! ... And that makes me feel good! The whole Shop is friendly, courteous, and helpful"

Karen Holloway       Akron

"Koral has been my Stylist for over 10 Years and I would not trust anyone else with my hair! She does an awesome job and I look forward to our chats when I come in. Everyone is friendly and helpful. Love the Shear Shop Girls!"

Tiffany Johnson     Hartville

"Michelle and Katie are Awesome! Michelle does a great job on my hair and Katie does a great job on my nails. They are both very professional and great. I have been coming to the Shear Shop since 2002!"

Kim Beavers            Uniontown

"Always have great friendly services. Thank you Melanie for over 20 years I always make the trip from Massillon"

Wendy Mann              Massillon

"My hair has never looked better. I love the way Chicky does it and I always feel great when I leave"

Mary M           Green

"I love coming to the Shear Shop! With such a comfortable, friendly, and relaxed atmosphere. Jessi is such an amazing and friendly person. I truly enjoy every experience!"

Jackie Martin        Akron

"I love coming to the Shear Shop to get my hair done by Melanie. She is Super Great! Koral does a great job managing her Shop. Everyone is so friendly and helpful. Have been coming here for over 15 years"

Millie Ceroni         Uniontown

"I find it hard to believe that Koral has been doing my hair since 2000! She has always done my hair the way I asked or if I was having a hard time making a decision, her advice has always been helpful. Koral can make "bad hair day" into your Best Hair Day! The receptionist, Jessi, has an awesome personality and all of the staff are super friendly"

Nancy Milvet            Hartville

"I am happy to call the Shear Shop my home for Hair Care. I am often asked where I get my hair cut and am happy to share! A very friendly and knowledgeable Salon. Koral and Her Staff are Wonderful!"

Gloria Adamov      Uniontown

"Michelle is the Best! Everyone at the Shear Shop is very friendly and because of that, it is a FUN experience. Michelle makes sure that what I want, I get! She takes pride in her work and it shows"

Carrie Stephens         Green

"The most rejuvenating experience is getting your hair done at the Shear Shop! You walk in happy and walk out feeling renewed! Everyone needs a little pampering"

Shellie Palmer        Hartville

"Chicky does my Mother's hair. She is always so nice, sweet and gentle, to my Mom. Very aware of her disabilities and makes sure she feels save and secure while in her care. I appreciate that she always takes the time to walk her arm in arm to her station then back again. She always takes the time to learn about her clients and their families. Chicky relates well to older clients as well as younger ones."

Karen Pavlak          Hartville

"The Shear Shop is a great place! Everyone is really friendly and it is like an extended family. Melanie is a fabulous stylist who I followed to the Shear Shop. I have Never been disappointed with her work. I LOVE HER! The Shear Shop is a very relaxing experience.

Tina Jordan            North Canton

"My experience at the Shear Shop has been excellent. My stylist is Melanie and since I have had her involved doing my hair, I get compliments often. I am glad that I found the Shear Shop!"

Jill DeLisa             Uniontown

"I have been coming to the Shear Shop since 2009. Koral does my hair, Katie does my nails, and I also Tan here! The Staff is always friendly and it is great environment."

Carrie Grant         Hartville

"I have been coming to the Shear Shop for several years. I get my nails done by Katie every 2 weeks. She does an exceptional job with my Shellac nails. I recommend her to everyone"

Donna Bruner        North Canton

"I have been coming to the Shear Shop for since 1998. I am defineately a "lifer"! Everyone is so helpful and friendly. I would recommend the Shear Shop to anyone!"

Lindsay Frazier     Akron

"I have been coming here since 1992! The Shear Shop is like a second home, and extended family. They are all welcoming, friendly, and skilled professionals. Once you start coming, you are hooked, and won't go anywhere else"

Kim Koehring    Hartville

"I love the Shear Shop and all of the people who work there! They are all very friendly, helpful, and experienced. I get a lot of compliments on my hair and all I can do is thank them and tell them I have a great stylist ... Melanie ... She always does a great job!!"

Jenny Kern

"I love getting my hair done at the Shear Shop. The atmosphere and the staff are so professional. I always get my hair done exactly the way I want it.

Gloria S             Akron

"Best Place in the World! It is like a day at the spa. Everyone is so friendly and helpful. Melanie is the BEST!!

Ginny Varner         Hartville

"I love the small town feel of the Shear Shop! I almost see someone in the Shop that I know getting their hair done there too!. I have been coming to Michelle for over 6 years now and she never disappoints me. She always gives me her honest opinion and is always very sweet and upbeat. Getting my hair done is always a great experience"

Kim Lonsway          Uniontown

"I love all the girls at the Shear Shop! Koral has done my hair for more years than I can remember, and before that, her Mom did my hair. Koral tells me the Truth about how styles will look on me. When I wanted to try something new, I valued Koral's opinion. She has always been very patient with me over the years when I am undecided. ALL of the girls at the shop help me."

Jackie Leonti          Uniontown

"I have never had a bed experience at the Shear Shop in 11 years. The staff is always friendly and courteous. Michelle is the Best !! and Katie is always nice and makes my eyebrows look great! They are wonderful stylists!"

Alicia Austin         Uniontown

"I always look forward to coming to the Shear Shop. It is a relaxed and friendly place. Melanie has done my hair and my husbands hair for years. We consider Melanie our friend"

Dorothy Shrock       Hartville

"I have been coming to the Shear Shop for over 12 years and I have always had great service. I have referred everyone I know!

Heather Pressler        Hartville

"I am always greeted with a smile and a friendly hello when I walk in the front door. Koral is always great about helping me find cute, new, trendy hairstyles!!"

Katrina Detling          Hartville

"Melanie has been doing my hair for a long time and she is great. She always tries hard to get me in even when I have to change my appointment. She always does my hair just the way I like it. Everyone at the Shop is so friendly. It is FUN to come get my hair done!"

Norma Schlabach         Hartville

"I love the way Chicky goes the extra mile to care for my hair and keep me coming back. I am very happy with the entire staff"

Donna Haasz           Uniontown

"Koral is so easy to get along with! She tells you exactly what you need to have done to your hair .. and she does a great job. Katie does a super job on your nails"

Jerrie Skidmore        Uniontown

"Melanie has been doing my hair for over 20 Years. I have always felt that she listened to my ideas of hair styles and she has given me advice as well. I have gotten lots of compliments on my hair and I have given her name to many others!"

Karen Schlabach         Hartville

"Melanie has been doing my hair for over 15 years. She always goes above and beyond in that time and has become a close personal friend. I Highly recommend her services"

Delilah Hershberger         Hartville

"I LOVE how Koral does my hair and would never go anywhere else. Everyone is so friendly and always smiling!"

Gloria Marney            Uniontown

"Melanie has been wonderful and is excellent with cutting curly hair! The Shear Shop Staff is always smiling and helpful"

Angel Harbaugh         Hartville

"Michelle always does a great job!. I like being able to tan here too!"

Nancy Wiles           Mogadore

"The Shear Shop is always a great experience for me because everyone is so friendly while still being professional. Melanie has been my stylist since the 80s and I have followed her from shop to shop. I LOVE the fact that she is at the Shear Shop!"

Sylvia McClellan        Uniontown

"Melanie has been doing my cousin's hair for years. I am so glad she recommended Melanie to me! Everyone at the Shop is so friendly and professional. They always try to accommodate their customers and show genuine concern for meeting all of their needs."

Deniece Turner        Uniontown

"The Shear Shop is the greatest! I have been a client for over 3 years. Chicky is the best. She has always been willing to change an appointment I had made to meet my needs. You will find a nice, warm, family atmosphere every time you walk through the door. I drive from Alliance!"

Eileen Haines        Alliance

"The Shear Shop is full of friendly and Passionate people who care about your hair. They are eager to please. Keep up the good work girls!"

Jean Wise        Mogadore

"The Service at the Shear Shop is Great! All of the employees are worth their weight in Gold. It is so great to know that should your usual stylist be absent for any reason, another is always available to keep me happy. What would I do without all of you??"

D Bowers        North Canton

"Love Melanie and all the Ladies at the Shear Shop! They make every visit an enjoyable one. What's not to Love ... Walking out looking better than I did when I walked in!"

Barb Rosler       Uniontown

"The Shear Shop is #1! Koral is my stylist, and I love the cuts that she does. I am always amazed at what she can do :) It is always enjoyable to go to the Shear Shop"

Donna Kovacs        Akron

"Everyone at the Shear Shop is Awesome. Melanie is my stylist and she is Great! Always does a wonderful job for me. Cut, Color, and Highlight! I get so many compliments on my hair!"

Loretta B         Stow

"All of the Girls are Great! Everyone is so accommodating and friendly. I just started coming here 6 Months ago, and I am really glad that I started. I wish I would have started years ago!"

Tammy Johnson       North Canton

"I Love, Love the service of everyone at the Shear Shop. And you cannot beat the price :) "

Debbie Christian       Hartville

"Melanie does a great job. My hair always looks just the way I like it. The entire Staff makes you feel welcomed and comfortable! I recommend the Shear Shop. It is a Great Place!"

Connie Demancsik        Hartville

"I have been coming to the Shear Shop for over 20 years and have found the staff to be very personable, efficient, and dedicated to their clients. It is a very relaxing and enjoyable place to go. Everyone is so eager to please and meet your needs"

Rosemary Thomson        Uniontown

"I absolutely love The Shear Shop. The girls are friendly and it is always a warm and pleasant atmosphere"

Shelly Grubbs     Uniontown

"I always leave here feeling "Beautiful". The girls are all so friendly and very talented ... It is like having lunch with all of your Best Girlfriends!"

Rante Hickman     Green

I have been with Melanie from 1998 and followed her to the Shear Shop"

Toni Montgomery Hartville

"I love this place! Everyone is so friendly, helpful, and professional. Everyone makes me feel so welcome when I come in. Melanie is great!"

Eileen Gipson      Hartville

"The Shear Shop Never Disappoints no matter what great cut and color I pick ... They can do it !! I am impressed with the skills of everyone working there which is hard to find."

Christine Thompson      Uniontown

"The best Salon ever. Always friendly and willing to work around my schedule to accommodate. Melanie is my hairdresser and I have never gotten a cut or color that I did not like. Wonderful Person !!"


"Koral is Amazing! I always leave her Shop feeling and looking great. She takes her time and does awesome work. All the girls are friendly and make me feel welcome"

Karen Ball    Canton

"I have been coming to the Shear Shop for a few years and have always had great service and have been very pleased with the great haircuts I have received! I would recommend the Shear Shop to everyone!"

Karen Gay      Green

"I enjoy coming to the Shear Shop. I always feel welcomed and everyone is so kind and easy to talk to"

Marlene Miller     Hartville

"I appreciate the staff's friendliness and their willingness to work around my schedule. Great Service! Great Atmosphere!"

Cheryl Bills        Uniontown

"The Shear Shop is a great place for haircuts and nails. Everyone is so friendly"

Aimee Merendino     Uniontown

"Everyone here is so nice. They cater to your every need. The products that they use are great"

Marilyn Snyder        Uniontown

"I have only good things to say about the Shear Shop. They are very friendly and they all know me by name when I walk in! Melanie always knows what to do with my hair. I just love them all!"

Eleanor Haddix          Uniontown

"Koral and everyone at the Shear Shop have been great. Koral has always done a great job and given me the perfect cut every time!"

Mark Akers           Akron

"I feel so comfortable at the Shear Shop and Brittany is a great beautician. Everyone here is so friendly"

Pat Bosley         Akron

"I love that the Shear Shop always works with you when schedules mess up. Mel does a great job and I love that she is always on time with my early appointments"

Ruby Wittmer       Hartville

"This is a Great Shop. Relaxing and never have to worry about my outcome with Koral. Highly recommended!"

Alice Galit           Green

"Everyone has been extremely gracious to me every I time I come to the Shear Shop. One time, I did not read my clock right and came in an hour early! No one said a word and they accommodated me with no problem"

Mary Bettler         Uniontown

"Everyone is very accommodating. Koral always does a great job on my hair and the prices are reasonable"

Debbie Beal       Uniontown

"I come to see Chicky from Copley, Ohio. Friendly shop, clean, and reasonable prices. Also great coffee!"

Barbara Scheffer        Copley

"Everyone is always so nice at the Shear Shop. Melanie gives the best perm ever and Jessi is always so gracious on the phone. Never have a problem getting an appointment when I need it"

Sandra Palmer       Hartville

"What can I say after following Mel to the Shear Shop? .. 22 Years with the same Gal!"

Deb Anderson        Hartville

"A friendly, Local Shop. Always on time and the Shop provides great styles, services, and Products"

Pat Fuhrman        Uniontown

"Love it here! Everyone is nice and friendly"

Patricia Vance      Uniontown

"I have been with Melanie for the last 15 years and I would, and did, follow her anywhere!"

Toni Montgomery      Hartville

"Love this place. Being coming to Mel since 2008. Everybody is wonderful and all are great stylists."

Joan Palmeri       Uniontown

"My experience at the Shear Shop has been great. All the employees are Very accommodating especially last minute appointments. Everyone is so nice to be around"

Barbara Bradshaw       Uniontown

"I love all of the girls here. They have become good friends and made my life more beautiful"

Edena Adams        Uniontown

"I really love it here. Nice Shop. Great Girls. Great Coffee!"

Dora Trotta          Uniontown

"I enjoy the friendly atmosphere you receive when you visit the Shear Shop. My stylist, Melanie, is wonderful at her job. I would recommend the Shear Shop and Melanie to ANYONE! Thank you for all of the great years"

Kay Royer           Louisville

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